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Looking for partners. I MISS RPING. XD
wow eydiss by chenny
scarletwolfsong wrote in rp_wow

Name/alias: Jassy/Eydiss
Realm: WrA, Tanaris, Nordrassil
Faction: Both

I am looking for: This is a little complicated. I'm definitely interested in one-on-one, but I would also love to find another casual RPing guild, particularly Alliance on WrA. I used to belong to the Red Dogs, which was an awesome little Gilnean human and Worgen-only guild focused on restoring the pride of Gilneans and taking back their homeland. I've since transferred my main toon to Tanaris after the guild's disbanding, but I've a couple alts still there and am rerolling my main again strictly as an RP character. My main guild which I adore is now focused on leveling, raiding, and socializing, but I find I'm severely craving that RP fix I used to get on WrA with the Dogs.

Preferred format: I would say mostly in-game, via AIM, or email.

Writing style: Having roleplaying on forums for about twelve years now, I find myself most easily falling into third person past tense. I will, however, switch to something else when the need arises, as it frequently does in-game.
Roleplaying style and experience: I wouldn't quite list myself as advanced, but perhaps expert? On the forums, it's not uncommon for me to write 700+ word posts, though that's severely diminished in other formats. Basically I adapt to whatever the opportunity brings. I've been roleplaying on forums for about twelve years now, and actively roleplayed in-game for probably close to a year before my RP guild disbanded and I gravitated back toward my old social guild on a different server.
My roleplaying is usually: Flexible. The only real limit is that I don't really do ERP unless there's a well-developed story involved, and tend to lean more toward the "fade-to-black" style in most instances unless it's really someone I know well.

Storylines I am interested in: Lore events, outlaws, thievery, piracy, subterfuge, mercenary-work, military, basically anything goes.

Things I love in rp: AWESOME PLOTS AND STORYLINES, great character development, randomness, plot evolution, continuity

Things I hate in rp (dealbreakers): Godmoding, metagaming, arrogance, over-embelishment, mary-sues (female OR male), stalkers, creepy ERPers

My characters: OH GOD SO MANY. Here are my two main RPers:

Eydiss Virinnia Morgan
Armory Link
Born the elder of two children to Nicholas, a dedicated career member of the Gilnean Guard; and Evangeline Morgan, a celebrated dancer; Eydiss had quite the happy childhood. Daddy's little girl from the day she was born, Eydiss spent much of her childhood trying to impress her father and follow in his footsteps. Upon losing her parents to the Forsaken during the evacuation of Gilneas, Eydiss let bitterness and hatred consume her, and has become a headstrong young woman unafraid of (and sometimes reveling in) the darker aspects of business. She's mistrusting of most non-Gilneans, and has been known to pick fights whenever the opportunity arises. Loyal to those she respects, Eydiss' word is her bond, and she follows her own code of honor without fail.

Dreyden Lysander Morgan
Armory Link
The younger brother to Eydiss Morgan, Dreyden basically follows her lead. It was her entry into the Red Dogs that led him to join them as well, and his ultimate loyalty lies with his sister and pseudo family. Dreyden tends to keep mostly to himself otherwise, preferring the company of beasts to that of people. He also has a violent streak, taking pleasure in blood-letting and other such deeds. He feels no remorse in the killing or harming of any individual deemed as a threat. Despite his dark nature, he tends to be surprisingly patient and good with children. Tragically, Dreyden lost his life in Northrend in the aftermath of the Lich King's fall, and was raised as a death knight shortly after. He remembers nothing of his life before, save the name of his ever-constant pet nightsaber Aska, a bond that permeated death.

My guild: Righteous and Wicked (Tanaris Alliance)
How to contact me: My email is jasanni at the "g" search engine email, AIM is ScarletWolfsong, and in-game I'm usually on Eydiss on Tanaris
Parting words: Sorry this was so long! XD

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<3 <3 *snugs!*

She's cool beans folks, I swear! Writing and plotting with her is a super treat :D

Pffft shush you, you're biased! <333

I'll be watching this post with interest for good recommendations.

In the meantime, I'm always up for RP via IM or email! You can feel free to add me to aim (LisenoftheWood) or email me at ctlynnie (at) gmail. :)

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